We have twelve hours to go on the crowdfunding for the 2015 polyamory book lineup from Thorntree Press. And so, I’m doing something insane. For the next twelve hours, every time someone contributes $15 or more, I’m going to write a blog post, either here or on the More Than Two blog.

Yep, that’s right. I’m going to be glued to my computer for twelve hours. I have my tea in my “Write Like a Motherfucker” mug, I have my cat, and I am ready! If we get 30 contributions, I’ll write 30 blog posts today. If we get 40, I’ll write 40. You get the idea.

Louisa Leontiades, who also has two books in the campaign, will be joining me for the next few hours (she’s in Sweden, nine hours ahead of me, and a 12-hour all-nighter is a bit much to ask. Also, she is less insane than I am.)

I’ll be Tweeting links to the posts with the hashtag #WLAMF. So if you want to make me dance, just contribute! You’ll be supporting indie publishing of quality polyamory books and making me perform at the same time!

UPDATE: Here’s Louisa ready to go. Also with tea, I have no doubt:


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