About the More Than Two site

The site you’re reading now first began back in 1997. It started out as a single page I wrote about polyamory on xeromag.com, mostly for the Franklin who didn’t know that there were other people like me, had never heard the word "polyamory," and who had no idea how to navigate polyamorous relationships. The site has grown over the years, and since 1999 has been one of the Internet’s top destinations for information about polyamory.

I registered the domain name morethantwo.com in 2006. For a long time, it simply redirected to the content on Xeromag.

In 2010, I started thinking about writing a book, and for a while, the domain More Than Two had a content outline of the book as I developed it. In 2011, I moved the site from its old home at xeromag.com to its current home.

In 2014 I co-authored a book on polyamory by the same name: More Than Two: A practical guide to ethical polyamory.

The site has changed a great deal since those early days. Back in 2000, the poly pages on Xeromag looked like this:

More Than Two 2000

By 2006, the amount of content on the site had grown significantly, and it was the most popular section of the Xeromag site:

More Than Two 2006

By 2009, my Web design skills were getting a bit better:

More Than Two 2009

It went through a number of redesigns (some less successful than others) in the years that followed:

More Than Two 2012

...until it finally arrvied at what you see now.

In 2018, the site was archived by the Library of Congress as a site of historical anthropological significance.

Except where otherwise noted, all the content on this site was written by Franklin Veaux.

Franklin Veaux

I've never been in a monogamous relationship. I took two dates to my high school senior prom, and I've been practicing polyamory for longer than the word "polyamory" have existed. Along the way, I've learned some lessons.

You can find out a lot more about me on my other Web sites: Xeromag, where this site got its start; and FranklinVeaux.com, where you can learn about some of my other projects.