Emotional outsourcing: Why structural approaches to jealousy management fail

The recent Salon article “Jealous of What?” is aimed at “those who don’t want to be faced head-on with the green-eyed monster,” but there is no other way to deal with jealousy. We cannot outsource facing our own fears and insecurities. If we are to become the best possible versions of ourselves, there is no other way than to assume command of our own potential.

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Early reviews of More Than Two

We just wanted to share with you some of the great coverage we’ve gotten for the book over the last few weeks: Aggie Sez, Solopoly: “If you’ve never read any books on polyamory, this one should be your first. And even if you’ve read every book on... read more

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More Than Two and bookstores

Pub date is in two weeks, and first of all, we have some good news! More Than Two is now available for pre-order at Powell’s, a ginormous independent bookstore in Portland. If you’ve been holding out for an online alternative to Amazon, Powell’s is... read more

More Than Two book tour

Well folks, this is it! Pub date is just three weeks (eeeek!) away, and that means the More Than Two BOOK TOUR starts in less than a month! September 9, to be exact. If you live in the western United States or Canada, we might be visiting your town! We’ve had... read more