Statement on Più di due, a pirated Italian translation of More Than Two

Scorri verso il basso per leggere la versione italiana del testo.

In April 2016, Thorntree Press began negotiations with Odoya Srl of Bologna, Italy, to produce an Italian translation of the book More Than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory by Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert. Unfortunately, due to numerous breaches in the ongoing negotiations, no agreement to transfer rights ever went into effect. Odoya printed and began distributing the book anyway. Therefore the book Più di due. Guida pratica al poliamore etico (ISBN 978-8-8628835-4-2) is an unauthorized, pirated edition and violates the authors’ copyrights and Thorntree Press’s distribution rights. Neither the authors nor Thorntree Press are associated with this edition or derive any benefit from it.

In addition, neither the publisher nor the authors ever consented to a foreword to Più di due by Luca Boschetto. We do not endorse the foreword, Mr. Boschetto,, Poliamore Roma, or the Associazione per la promozione delle Relazioni ETIche non-monogame.

We ask that fans and supporters of the book and the authors refrain from purchasing this book, and return it if you have already purchased it.

Thorntree Press is beginning the process of producing an authorized Italian edition, which we hope to have available in late 2017. You may sign up for our Più di due email list to receive updates on the project.

For further information on the situation with the Italian book, you may visit this post.


Nel mese di aprile del 2016, Thorntree Press ha avviato una negoziazione con Odoya Srl di Bologna per realizzare una traduzione italiana di More Than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory di Franklin Veaux ed Eve Rickert. Purtroppo, a causa di numerose violazioni occorse durante la negoziazione, non è stato raggiunto un accordo e nessun contratto per la cessione dei diritti è mai entrato in vigore. Odoya ha comunque stampato e distribuito il volume. Pertanto il libro Più di due. Guida pratica al poliamore etico (ISBN 978-8-8628835-4-2) è un’edizione pirata non autorizzata che viola la proprietà letteraria degli autori e i diritti di distribuzione di Thorntree Press. Né gli autori, né Thorntree Press sono coinvolti in questa edizione o ne traggono benefici.

Inoltre, né l’editore né gli autori hanno mai acconsentito a una prefazione a Più di due a firma di Luca Boschetto. Noi non approviamo la prefazione, né sosteniamo il signor Boschetto,, Poliamore Roma o l’Associazione per la promozione delle Relazioni ETIche non-monogame.

Chiediamo ai lettori e ai sostenitori del libro e degli autori di astenersi dall’acquisto di questo volume e, nel caso lo avessero già acquistato, di restituirlo.

Thorntree Press sta avviando la produzione di un’edizione italiana autorizzata, che confidiamo possa essere disponibile verso la fine del 2017. Potete iscrivervi al lista e-mail di Più di due per ricevere aggiornamenti sul progetto.

Per ulteriori informazioni sulla situazione relativa all’edizione italiana, vi invitiamo a leggere questo post.

Book tour and another book tour!

My new book The Game Changer: A Memoir of Disruptive Love is about to come out! It officially publishes September 23 (here’s where you can pre-order it). I’m be doing a 10-city book tour on the West Coast of the United States. If you’re along my route, I hope you’ll be able to make it out!

Then, after the book tour for The Game Changer, my partner Eve Rickert and I are going on a second book tour, this time through Europe for More Than Two. Oh, and along the way, we’ll be speaking at some conventions as well. All in all, it’s 33(ish) stops in 10 countries in 12 weeks. Whew!

Want to catch me, or Eve, or both of us? Here’s where you can find us!

West Coast book tour for The Game Changer (just me unless otherwise noted):

Europe book tour for More Than Two and The Game Changer (both me and Eve)—links will be added as events go live:

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! Here are some other, non-book-tour events we’re doing:

  • Burbank, CA, September 12: Eve will be at CatalystCon on a panel on abuse with Cunning Minx, Tamara Pincus and William Winters, and then signing books alongside Cunning Minx (who will be signing copies of her book, Eight Things I Wish I’d Known About Polyamory), in the merchant hall.
  • San Francisco, CA, November 13–15: We’ll both be giving several talks together at Dark Odyssey: Surrender.
  • Atlanta, GA, February 4–7, 2016: We’ll be participating in several panels and workshops at InfinityCon.
  • Vancouver, BC, February 12–14: We’ll be leading three workshops at West Coast Bound.

Links, locations and times will be updated in this post as we confirm them.

Franklin and…err…some chick.

Last year, my partner Eve and I wrote a book. It’s quite a massive book, weighing in north of 150,000 words. In it you will find our thoughts, ideas and experiences with polyamory–a rather complex subject, as you might imagine. It took an incredible amount of effort to write. I’m very proud of what we created (and if you haven’t checked it out already, I recommend it. But of course, I might be biased.)

We’ve received a lot of feedback about the book. Not just on Amazon, though 80 five-star reviews is kind of nice, but from people who’ve told us things like “your book changed my life” and “your book saved my relationship.”

Which is awesome. I think we’ve accomplished something amazing.

And yet…

Since the book came out, there’s this thing that keeps happening. When people talk about it, as often as not they talk about “that book by Franklin Veaux.” Even though Eve’s voice and Eve’s ideas were absolutely essential to the book–in fact, it would not exist without her.

I started talking about the idea of writing a book in…oh, I don’t know, 2005 or so. I even went as far as to develop a content outline, a query letter, and a couple of sample chapters, which I shopped around to agents and publishers. Nobody was interested in it back then (though, ironically, I received a number of rejections that said, “We don’t want a polyamory how-to, but if you re-do it as a personal memoir we’d love to publish it. Hey, all you guys who wanted to publish a memoir but didn’t want to publish this book? Pthbth!)

That book, the one I wanted to write back then, was also called More Than Two.

The similarities between that book and the book Eve and I wrote end about there.

I dusted off the old content outline and query letter when we started this new writing venture, and we promptly junked all of it. The poly community has changed a lot in the last ten years. I have changed a lot in the last ten years.

But far more important than that, Eve thought the book needed a different focus, one less concerned with the specifics of polyamory and more focused on ethics, compassion, and the skills it takes to be a decent human being.

The book we wrote together is a lot more…well, human than the book I was going to write. There’s greater focus on self-work. There are personal stories in the book–mine, hers, and those of other people we talked to. (I have, in the past, written a great deal about my ideas about polyamory without talking about the personal experiences that led me there. Eve said she thought that was a weakness in my writing. I agree.) The book’s organization and arrangement are totally different.

And, ironically, the parts of the book that are most popular–the sections on ethics, communication, and self care, for example–are largely her creations. We each worked on every chapter of the book, but some chapters are more hers than mine, and some are more mine than hers. Much of the praise for the book focuses on the ideas she brought to it, even though people tend to edit her off the cover.

Co-creation is one of my love languages. When Eve came to me with the idea of working on a book together, I was absolutely delighted. We wrote it as co-equals. The book you read is not my ideas or my voice. It is our ideas and our voice. And it’s way, way better than the book I would have written alone.

To some extent, I suppose the fact that Eve tends to get edited off the cover, metaphorically speaking, is inevitable. When we started this journey, I was already more widely known than she was. My voice had greater reach.

But More Than Two is not my book. It’s our book. It’s totally reasonable that it annoys her when her contribution isn’t acknowledged, but it annoys me, too. I can’t take credit for it. It wouldn’t be what it is without her. And Eve deserves much greater recognition than she’s getting.

It’s totally not cool to have contributed to something awesome, and not be recognized for it. So Eve and I have created a new Twitter account, @mttbook, to be our social media contact for More Than Two. If you want to Tweet about the book, I urge you to use that Twitter account rather than mine.

It’s finally here! The More Than Two audiobook! (Also, Kimchi Cuddles!)

Okay everyone, you can finally stop messaging and tweeting at us about when the More Than Two audiobook will be out: it’s finally here! You can order it on Amazon now, iTunes coming soon. Please share!

And in other news… The amazing webcomic Kimchi Cuddles is going to be a book! Creator Tikva Wolf launched her crowdfunding campaign today (in collaboration with my & Franklin’s publishing company, Thorntree Press), and she’s already up over $5,000. There are some great perks there—including copies of More Than Two and other Thorntree books. And an awesome crowdfunding video. Please go check it out and support her now.

Thank you!

We’re coming to Europe!

Wow, you guys! It’s been an amazing six months. The book More Than Two has sold over 8,000 copies. The manuscript for Franklin’s forthcoming memoir, The Game Changer, goes to copy-editing on Monday. And we’ve been invited to speak at Poly Day North in Manchester, UK, this October… and we figured, hey! Let’s do a Europe book tour! We have lots of backers and fans in the UK and Europe, and we’ve gotten enough frequent flyer miles over the last year to cover the tickets. So, we’re doing it.

If you live across the water, we need your help! We need folks to help plan local events, and we need places to stay. So if you want us to come visit you, please fill out this short survey. Our tour route will be based entirely on where we have fan support.

Thank you all so much for making More Than Two such a success!

Check out Eve's mad Photoshop skillz

Achievement unlocked: The book tour winds down

This blog post comes to you from Seattle, Washington, where we’re getting ready to do one last podcast before the More Than Two book tour wraps up for good. Looking back over the last seven weeks on the road, it feels like we set off a million years ago to tour the country in a camper van talking about polyamory. And yet, at the same time, I almost don’t want it to end.

Looking back now, the tour feels a little surreal, like we were playing the world’s most immersive video game. And in true video game style, we unlocked quite a number of achievements on the way.


 It’s An Adventure! Spend a week on the road (5 points)

 Are We There Yet? Spend 2 weeks on the road (10 points)

 This Is Our Life Now Spend 5 weeks on the road (15 points)

 Turn the Page Spend 10 weeks on the road (0 points)


 SRO Present at an event that’s standing room only (10 points)

 Full House Present in front of 50 people (10 points)

 Pack Them In Present in front of 100 people (0 points)

 Carnegie Hall Present in front of 1,000 people (0 points)

 Washout Present at an event with fewer than 2 people (10 points)

 Reaching Out Speak in person to 100 people total (5 points)

 Activist Speak in person to 500 people total (10 points)

 Let’s Start a Revolution Speak in person to 1,000 people total (0 points)


 On The Air Do a radio interview (5 points)

 RKO Studio Do 2 radio interviews (10 points)

 Jammin’ the Airwaves Do 5 radio interviews (0 points)

 Quiet on the Set Do a television interview (0 points)

 The Public Eye Do 2 television interviews (0 points)

 You’ve Arrived Do 5 television interviews (0 points)

 I’ll Call My Agent Do an interview with a famous talk show host (0 points)


 Stream It Do a podcast (5 points)

 We’re Big on iTunes Do 2 podcasts (5 points)

 We Need More Disk Space Do 5 podcasts (0 points)


 Keep It In the Family Have a family member attend an event (5 points)

 No Secrets Share an embarrassing anecdote in front of a family member at an event (10 points)


 You’re Kinda Cute Get a crush (10 points)

 I Like You…and You…and You Get 5 crushes (0 points)

 We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Van Start dating a new partner (0 points)


 Steep Grade Change altitude by more than 5,000 feet in a single day (5 points)

 Climb Mount Fuji Change altitude by more than 10,000 feet in a single day (0 points)

 Fish Out of Water Get altitude sickness (10 points)

 Got the Ick Catch a cold (0 points)

 Arachnophobia Get Lyme disease (0 points)


 Blowout Get a flat tire (10 points)

 Call AAA! Have a major mechanical breakdown (20 points)

 No Parking Get a parking ticket (10 points)

 You Can’t Leave That Here Get 2 parking tickets in a single day (20 points)

 Give Up, Go Home Get 5 parking tickets in a single day (0 points)

 Officer Friendly Get a traffic ticket (0 points)

 Oh Deer Have a close call with a deer on the road (10 points)

 Just Bear-ly Have a close call with a bear on the road (10 points)


 Can You Hear Me Now? Visit the Very Large Array (10 points)

 Contact Climb a radio antenna at the Very Large Array (20 points)

 Big Ditch Visit the Grand Canyon (10 points)

 Just Don’t Look Down Ride a bike along the rim of the Grand Canyon (15 points)

 Hit Rock Bottom Hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon (0 points)

 Rock of Ages Touch a rock that’s 1.8 billion years old (10 points)

 Delta V Visit Meteor Crater (10 points)

 Basilisk Visit the Petrified Forest (0 points)

 Atomic Fireball Visit the Trinity site (0 points)

 Wile E. Coyote Visit Moab (0 points)

 Damn Big Dam Visit the Hoover Dam (10 points)

 DEFCON 5 Get stopped and searched by security at a national monument (20 points)


 Self-Care Visit a yoga studio on the road (5 points)

 Namaste, Baby Visit 5 yoga studios on the road (15 points)

 Great Balls o’ Fire Spin fire (0 points)


 Can Has Cheezburger? Make friends with a cat (5 points)

 Moar Cheezburger! Make friends with 5 cats (5 points)

 Tuna Cheezburger? Make friends with 10 cats (5 points)

 Purr-fect friends Make friends with 15 cats (5 points)

 Cat-astrophe Make friends with 20 cats (0 points)

 Can I Keep Him? Attempt to rescue a cat (5 points)

 He Followed Me Home Successfully rescue a cat (0 points)


 Venus on the Half-Shell Eat sushi off a naked person (10 points)

 Devilish Snog in a dungeon (10 points)

 Demonic Have sex in a dungeon (0 points)

 Wardrobe! Borrow clothing from the costuming department for a party (15 points)


 Let It Ride Gamble in Vegas (0 points)

 Sin City Have sex in Vegas (5 points)

 It’s a Family Town See a show in Vegas (5 points)


 The House that Larry Built Speak at Google (10 points)

 Help, I’m Sinking! Play in a ball pit at Google (10 points)

 Don’t Photograph the Animals Speak at Facebook (10 points)

 Hipsters Like Me Speak at Apple (0 points)

 Does It Play on Zune? Speak at Microsoft (0 points)


 You Want Me to What? Poop in a hole (10 points)

 How Does This Work? Use a composting toilet (10 points)

 I See the Milky Way! Sleep under the stars (10 points)

 It’s So Big! Sleep under the stars in the desert (0 points)


 It’s a Business Doing Pleasure With You Visit a sex toy factory (10 points)

 No Really, It’s My Pleasure Have an orgasm at a sex toy factory (0 points)


 Mr. Smith Would Not Approve Commit adultery in Utah (10 points)

 When in Rome… Visit the LDS Temple (10 points)

 …Do as the Greeks Do Visit the LDS Temple wearing animal ears (10 points)

 You’re Doing What with a What, Where? Exploit a shark in front of the LDS Temple (15 points)

 Excuse Me, Sir Be asked to leave the LDS Temple (0 points)


 Academic Hang out with a working scientist (5 points)

 Brainiac Hang out with 2 working scientists (10 points)

 Let’s Start a University Hang out with 5 working scientists (0 points)


 Gag Order Be deemed “too controversial” to speak at a venue (15 points)

 Torches and Pitchforks Get picketed at an event (0 points)

 This Will Make a Great Test Case Get arrested at an event (0 points)

 I Know It When I See It Get arrested for obscenity at an event (0 points)


 The Long Now Forget what day it is (10 points)

 Time Is Relative Forget what day it is 2 days in a row (10 points)

 Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Forget what day it is 5 days in a row (0 points)

 Sorry, Gotta Run! Leave an event and immediately drive to the next venue (10 points)

 Lather, Rinse, Repeat Drive until you can’t drive any more, sleep, wake up, drive again (10 points)


 Long Tail Sell 500 books (5 points)

 Indie Author Sell 1,000 books (10 points)

 Okay, You’re a Real Writer Sell 3,000 books (15 points)

 Look Out, George RR Martin Sell 5,000 books (0 points)

 Reader’s Choice Be named as a recommended reading selection at a public library (15 points)

 Authority Become the top-selling book in an Amazon category (10 points)

 Interdisciplinary Become the top-selling book in 2 Amazon categories (0 points)

 Wish List Make it to the top 100 on Amazon (0 points)

 Bestseller Make it to the NYT Best Seller List (0 points)

 Hated It Get a 1-star Amazon review (5 points)