Negotiating Safer Sex

Polycat says....

BEFORE you negotiate safer sex:

Now, the negotiation:

Rule #1: Always negotiate safer sex with your clothes on. Negotiating in a hormonal fuzz is much more likely to lead to much less latex.

Next, always disclose. Tell your new partner when your last tests were, if they were clean, and what you've done since then. Expect the same from them. If you have a hard time keeping track of that sort of thing, write it down!

If you find out the person you are talking to is carrying an STD, don't blame or shame hir. You may choose more barriers than you would have otherwise, or you might choose not to be sexual with them at all, but be polite and respectful about it.

Each of you may have different comfort levels - go with the more strict. You may need to go back and talk to your other partner/s, and sie may also need to - leave room for that.

Last but not least, do your best to treat these conversations the way we all wish they were - routine, expected, and respectful.

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