Welcome! This section of More Than Two is an archive of the most popular pages from polycat.org. That version of Cat’s site went live in 2006 with articles about polyamory, communication, jealousy, and other topics related to poly relationships. Cat has decided to stop maintaining the site, and is happy to have the best content archived here. You can find her on the Web at www.catya.org. Unless otherwise noted, the content in this section is written by and is © Catya Belfer.


Intro to polyamory

[divi_blurb_image title=”© Depositphotos.com/damedeeso”]If you’re brand new to the concept of polyamory, start with polyamory basics

Partner problems

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What to do when your partners don’t get along

Falling in love

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Opening the can of worms


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A practical view of jealousy

Sharing space

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The logistics of poly cohabitation

Negotiating safer sex

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Some practical guidelines for sexual health and STI awareness

Talking about details

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When, where, why, and how much