It’s here! It’s here! More Than Two’s big day!

OMG everyone! It’s real! More Than Two was finally officially published today!

Now we need your help to make it a huge hit. (Note – if you receive our newsletter, you’ll have received this same info this morning in your inbox.)

Here are three things you can do right now:

  1. Buy the book. If you already have a copy, get another to give to a friend! You can buy it on Amazon (print | Kindle) or at Powell’s, or order it through your local bookstore.
  2. Share the links with your friends. Most people decide to buy books because their friends are talking about them. So please talk about More Than Two, and share the Amazon and Powell’s links, anywhere you have a social media presence!
  3. Review the book on Amazon. Good reviews improve our rating and encourage more people to buy. (And while you’re at it, cross-post your review to Goodreads.)

Want to do more?

If you haven’t yet submitted a library request, you still can! And be sure you’re following our Facebook page. Liking and sharing our content is the best way to get the word out. And of course, if you love More Than Two, be sure to tell everyone you know about it!

Thanks so much to everyone for all your support!

Still waiting for your hardcovers?

So are we. But we’ve been told they finally shipped to us on Friday. With any luck, we’ll be able to get them out to folks who bought them before the book tour starts. (And if you missed your chance, we’ll have a few more with us on the tour!)


Early reviews of More Than Two

We just wanted to share with you some of the great coverage we’ve gotten for the book over the last few weeks:

Aggie Sez, Solopoly: “If you’ve never read any books on polyamory, this one should be your first. And even if you’ve read every book on polyamory, read this one now.”

Noel Figart, The Polyamorous Misanthrope: “Friends, this one makes you think.  Any any book that encourages you to think clearly about emotionally charged subjects like romantic relationships can only be a positive.”

Louisa Leontiades, Multiple Match: “As the unchartered map of open relationships takes another bound forward in its clarity with the new book More Than Two by Franklin Veaux & Eve Rickert, many worthy ideas and concepts are brought to the fore.”

Wes Fenza, Living Within Reason: “This book is fantastic, and has the potential to be revolutionary. I have been waiting for a book that I could confidently tell people contains the collective wisdom of the poly community. This is that book.”

Amy, Red Thread Farm: “I think this is a great resource for people who are new to poly, or frustrated with their poly relationships.  It has some grounded suggestions for why some relationship strategies work and others don’t.  It answers the most common questions that poly folk have about how to manage their relationships.”

XCBDSM: “This book taught me things. This book changed the way that I think about relationships. All relationships, not just poly. I have spent the last two days lost in thought, re-evaluating a lot of my own choices and beliefs. And that’s good. That’s what a great book like this should do.”

Niko Bell, Xtra! Vancouver: “Agreements need to be more than just freely chosen, Veaux and Rickert argue. They need to be ethical.”

Ginny, Polyskeptic: “I strongly recommend the book to anybody practicing or considering polyamory — and I think the first several chapters are great for relationships of any kind.

David S. Hall, Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality: “It is a pleasure to read and is full of ideas helpful to anyone in, or considering, multiple consensual open loving relationships.”

Know of a review we missed? Post it in the comments!


Like what you’re reading on the More Than Two blog? Buy the book now at Amazon or Powell’s. 

Get a free hardcover

Yep, you heard that right. We’re giving away one of our 200 signed and numbered special-edition hardcovers. All you have to do is go to our Goodreads giveaway and click “enter.” (You have to be signed in on Goodreads, of course.)

While you’re there, you could rate the book and vote for it in their list of “best books for polyamory.” No obligation, though–you can enter either way.


Like what you’re reading on the More Than Two blog? Buy the book now at Amazon or Powell’s. 

More Than Two and bookstores

Pub date is in two weeks, and first of all, we have some good news! More Than Two is now available for pre-order at Powell’s, a ginormous independent bookstore in Portland. If you’ve been holding out for an online alternative to Amazon, Powell’s is an excellent choice. Hopefully they’ll have us on their shelves, too. (Note: That’s an affiliate link. We get an extra $2 per book when you use it, along with a percentage of anything else you buy on the same visit.)

Oh, and Kindle pre-orders are open.

Now for the less-good news: We are having a harder time getting into bookstores than we’d hoped. Our Amazon sales ranks have been great–we actually surpassed Opening Up for a couple of days there!–but orders through the wholesalers have been disappointing. We really, really want to be in bookstores. That’s why we delayed our pub date, after all!

The problem is that even having an incredibly popular book won’t necessarily get you into brick-and-mortar stores. Here’s what our publicist has to say about it:

Bookstores get books through through their distribution networks who send catalogs then have salespeople hand sell their own catalog lists. You are unlikely to get multiple bookstore orders outside of individually ordered books from customers. Exceptions to this are independent bookstores who can be contacted individually.

She says that for us to contact individual stores all around the country would be a lot of work for a relatively small return, given that we don’t make a whole lot per book. But… you can help us!

Do you have a local indie bookstore? Then make sure they know about–and are planning to carry–More Than Two! The best strategy is to drop by with your advance copy in hand and show it to them, so they can see the production quality. If there’s a local poly community, make sure you mention that to them, along with some idea of numbers. They’ll be much more likely to want to carry it if they know there’s a market in your town. If you can’t make it in person, a call or email will help, too.

Be sure to mention that the book is distributed through the major wholesalers, Ingram and Baker & Taylor, and they are returnable. Our distributor is IPG: (800) 888-4741.

If you need help, you can use the IndieBound store finder to find your local indie bookshop.

Oh! And if you do see a copy of More Than Two on sale, snap a photo of it and email it to, or post it to our Facebook page, along with the location.

Thank you for your help! (And don’t forget your library request.)


Like what you’re reading on the More Than Two blog? Buy the book now at Amazon or Powell’s. 

More Than Two book tour

Well folks, this is it! Pub date is just three weeks (eeeek!) away, and that means the More Than Two BOOK TOUR starts in less than a month! September 9, to be exact. If you live in the western United States or Canada, we might be visiting your town!

We’ve had diligent helpers slaving away at setting up bookings, and this is the route we have set up so far. All the events, with details and links, are listed at our events page.

We still have some openings, and some spots we’re having trouble booking. Those days are listed as TBD below. So if you have a poly group you’d like us to talk to on an available date, or want to help us book an event at a bookstore or cafe, get in touch with us at


8/31. Olympia, WA. Polycamp Pacific Northwest (Franklin only)


9/9. Camas Books, Victoria, BC
9/10. Village Books, Bellingham, WA
9/11 or 12. TBD, Seattle, WA
9/13. Orca Books, Olympia, WA
9/14. She Bop, Portland, OR
9/17. Tsunami Books, Eugene, OR
9/18 or 19. TBD, southern OR or northern CA
9/21. Bondcon, Armory, San Francisco, CA
9/24, 25 or 26. TBD, San Francisco Bay Area, CA
9/27. Citadel Club, San Francisco, CA
9/28. Avid Reader, Sacramento, CA
9/30. TBD, southern CA


10/1 or 10/2. TBD, southern CA
10/4. Erotic Heritage Museum, Las Vegas, NV
10/10. Bookworks, Albuquerque, NM
10/11. Opcit, Santa Fe, NM
10/16. Mutiny Info Cafe, Denver, CO

Second half of October, dates and locations TBD

Paonia, CO
Salt Lake City, UT
Missoula or Helena, MT
Calgary, AB
Nelson, BC
Kelowna, BC

We’re especially interested in events in bookstores, so we can promote the book to the wider public. If you have a poly group that can turn out to pack the store, so much the better!

Even if we’re not making it through your town, you can ask your local indie bookstore to stock us through their regular distributor.

And make sure to like our Facebook page to keep up-to-date on the latest events and book tour news.

We’re so much looking forward to September 2!


Like what you’re reading on the More Than Two blog? Buy the book now at Amazon or Powell’s. 

How to get a special-edition hardcover

We’re so excited! The special edition hardcovers are at the bindery! In just a few days, they’ll finally be on their way to us. We’ll be shipping them out on August 22 to backers who contributed $100 or more.

They’re individually signed by both of us, hand numbered, cloth-bound and foil-stamped, jacketed, individually shrink-wrapped, with a special “Love More, Be Awesome” insert. There will be only 200 copies in existence–and we have a few left! So if you didn’t manage to order one during the crowdfunding campaign, we’re giving you another chance at them.

If you want a hardcover of your very own–or if you’re already signed up for one and want another–send US$50 by Paypal to with “Hardcover” in the subject line, and include your mailing address in the message body. Please add $10 for shipping outside the US.

We must receive your payment by midnight on August 20. After that, the only way to get the hardcovers will be to catch us on our book tour! (That is, if we have any left by then.)

Yikes, pub date is so close! We hope everyone’s enjoying their advance copies!

Like what you’re reading on the More Than Two blog? Buy the book now at Amazon or Powell’s.