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Well. It’s been quite a month.

We’ve been busy (very, very busy) getting the book to press, trying to avert disaster at our printer, planning our launch parties and subsequent events, and speaking with publishing industry professionals about our marketing and distribution plans.

And we’ve learned something. We’ve been doing it wrong.

The support we’ve had from all our backers has been amazing, and the Amazon pre-sales have been amazing, too. We’ve had incredible grassroots success. But we want to be more than a grassroots success: we want to push this book into the mainstream. We want to be in brick-and-mortar stores and libraries; we want people to stumble on us who may never have heard of polyamory before.

And to do that, we need more time. There are certain steps that need to be followed, you see, before members of the stodgy old-school book industry will pick you up. You need advance copies, and need reviews. Bookstores want to have your book before it’s available online.

So we’ve made a new plan.

The launch parties are happening as scheduled, and so are all our events in Atlanta and North Carolina. All our crowdfunding backers will get their softcover books as scheduled [EDIT: and your e-books, too]. Folks at our events will be able to pick up softcovers, too, and the bookstores who hosted us will be carrying them, as well. But those copies will be special advance copies. For this summer, only a few people will have them–the people who backed our campaign and those lucky enough to attend one of our events (or live in one of the cities where an indie bookstore is already carrying advance copies).

Official publication is now September 2. This is just before the start of our fall book tour, and gives us just enough time to get those all-important critical reviews–as well as get a bigger print run lined up at the distributor to go out to fill the first orders.

The people this mainly effects are those who have pre-ordered the book on Amazon. You’re still getting your book, but it will be delayed (as we understand pre-orders, though, you won’t be charged until the books ship). And Amazon pre-orders will stay open throughout the summer, so please do continue to share the link!

Here are the early events where you can pick up a book:

Books will also be on sale through the summer at Charis Books in Atlanta, GA; Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill, NC; The Art of Loving and People’s Co-op Bookstore in Vancouver, BC; and She Bop in Portland, OR.

We’ve released a video update explaining all this, in which we also introduce our awesome new sales associate, Cora:

Questions? Put ’em in the comments! Thanks everyone for all your support and understanding.

*Indiegogo backers who contributed $25 or more get a free ticket to the launch parties. We emailed links to register–check your spam/promotional folders if you didn’t get them!


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