For many years, the Polyamory section at Xeromag, where the content on this site originally started, has been a collection of how-to guides and articles about polyamory.

The essays and articles I've written have drawn on my own experiences in poly relationships stretching back for decades. I've been polyamorous for my entire adult life; I have, quite literally, never been involved in a monogamous relationship. I took two dates to my high school prom, and my first-ever sexual experience was a threesome.

Along the way, I've made mistakes, chosen poorly, and done things wrong; the content on this site is mostly made up of the stuff I wish I'd known back when I was still a kid and feeling my way through non-monogamous relationships without any guideposts or people I could talk to who'd made the journey ahead of me.

This section is a bit different. I realize that I've never talked about my own personal experiences, happy poly moments, and personal philosophy. So, in this section you'll find material that's a lot less formal and more personal than the essays and guides elsewhere on the site.

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